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  • Vertigo

    Vertigo is indeed a symptom rather than a standalone condition. It refers to the perception of movement or spinning, either of oneself or the surrounding environment, when there is no actual movement occurring. It can be described as a sensation of dizziness, lightheadedness, or a spinning sensation.

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    <p>&nbsp;Paediatric Otolaryngologist discusses diagnosis and symptoms of vertigo.</p>

     Paediatric Otolaryngologist discusses diagnosis and symptoms of vertigo.

  • What is Vertigo and How Does it Affect You ?

    Dizziness and vertigo are both symptoms related to balance and can cause a sense of disorientation. While dizziness is a general term that can refer to various sensations, such as feeling lightheaded, off balance, or wavy, vertigo specifically refers to the perception that the environment or surroundings are spinning or moving.


    Dizziness and vertigo can have various causes, and they can be related to different systems in the body.

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