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  • Facelift Procedure

    The mini facelift is performed by making small s-shaped incisions near the ear. Through these incisions, the plastic surgeon can address wrinkles, sagging skin as well as smooth folds in the lower portion of the face. Much like the name suggests, this type of facelift is not as intensive as a traditional facelift

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    <p>Plastic Surgeon discusses What are the Risks of a Facelift.</p>

    Plastic Surgeon discusses What are the Risks of a Facelift.

  • What are the Risks of a Facelift

    Well the risks with the facelift are similar to the risks with any operation. They can include those associated with the anesthetic, risks of bleeding, risks of infection.



    What most patients might be concerned about is the fact that there has to be scars even though it is considered plastic surgery and the scars are in the area of the ear and the earlobe and behind the ear.

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