Mrs. Renee Lanctot

Mrs. Renee Lanctot

DHS, Sex Therapist
Vancouver, BC
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Mrs. Renee Lanctot Bio

Please contact Renee Lanctot if you have concerns or questions about the following:

  * Lack of Desire
  * Difference in Sex Drives
  * Intimacy Problems
  * Sexual Communication Problems
  * How to Improve your Sexual Attitude
  * How to Improve your Sex Life
  * Safe Sex and Contraception
  * How to Rekindle the Flame
  * How to Shop for Sex Toys
  * Is Porn an Issue?
  * Get the Correct Information about Sex
  * How to Demystify Sex
  * Difficulty to achieve orgasms
  * Appropriate courtship
  * How to love your body and use it too

The list goes on …

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Mrs. Renee Lanctot DHS, Sex Therapist, Local Counselor, Vancouver BC, Family Practice NOW

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